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In society today, there has been a movement for the acceptance for many identities that extend beyond the gender binary. Everything from sexual identity (lesbian, bi, gay, etc.) to gender and sexual association (transgendered, transsexual, etc.) have come to a new level of consciousness in society. However even with all this new discourse that extends beyond the gender and sexual binary, there is a silent majority that believes that we all start on the binary, having a set sex at birth of either male or female. This is not the case though, as many individuals (maybe insert some stats on intersex conditions here?) are born with ambiguous genitalia.

Up until recently these infants were considered a medical emergency and immediately underwent a sex reassignment surgery until their anatomical parts matched either those of a female or male, and they were raised accordingly. This has created an entire group of individuals, who often didn't know the gender they were raised as was picked at their birth due to what was considered an anatomical abnormality. Many of these individuals have faced problems identifying with the gender that was picked for them and often struggled even more once they found this out.

One fascinating story is that of Max Beck. Max was born with an intersex condition and his genitals were reassigned as a females. Max was raised as a girl and struggled throughout childhood and adolescence with his identity. He engaged in sexual relationships with a man and a woman, struggling with both until he sought acceptance in the lesbian community in college and began a lesbian relationship with a female partner. This changed when Max found out about his gender reassignment
surgery when obtaining his medical records for immunizations. The most unique part of Max's story wasn't his decision to change his gender identity, but to remain with his partner from his lesbian relationship. Their story shows not just how intersex individuals forced into following an assigned gender role without their knowledge struggle, but how it can affect their relationships and those individuals in them.

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