Imagine walking into a coffee shop. Upon entering the cozy little corner shop you almost immediately have to use the restroom. You wish you could just go up to the clerk and ask for a restroom key but you notice that the two bathrooms are labeled “girls” and “boys”. Since there are so few people in the coffee shop you hesitate to ask for a key because you want to avoid having people stare at you when you enter the girls bathroom. You clearly look like a boy and going into anything but the bathroom labeled “boys” will cause too much confusion and too many stares. You wish that there were a bathroom you could walk into that was fitting to you, but unfortunately bathrooms are too commonly separated for men and women. You will just have to hold off on going to the bathroom until you get home. This is just one of the many examples of how life can be difficult for individuals that fall outside of the gender binary. When the language around you includes only two binary options those who fall outside have to often deal with constant objectification. This would make everyday life for people that fall outside the gender binary difficult in many ways.
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