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Other individuals who don’t feel like masculine or feminine pronouns are accurate representations of themselves chose to use one of the gender neutral hybrid pronouns “hir” or “Zie” (Park). These pronouns are becoming more and more widely used in the transgender and transsexual communities, but are yet to be acknowledged in mainstream society. Pauline Park, a blogger for the “Big Queer Blog,” even goes as far as saying, “the expectation, I suppose, is that once American society has overthrown the oppression of 'he' vs. 'she,' the Utopia of gender liberation will be achieved” (Park).

The deconstruction of the ‘he’ vs. ‘she’ binary also will bring the deconstruction of male and female roles in society. Gender pronouns are loaded words that carry more weight than most people will ever realize. For some individuals, being man or a woman, or a he or she works, but shouldn’t those who don’t fit within any of those categories still have the right to live happily under their chosen labels? And to love who they please just as men or women do?

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