Introduction Workshop

After your read each introduction, click on the Discuss link at the bottom of the page and type answers to the questions below. Put your initials or usernames in the subject line of your response post.

Note: You might find it helpful to have the introduction, the Discuss page, and this page open in separate web browser windows so that you can easily move between them.

(1) How effectively does the introduction grab the attention of non-academic readers who might not otherwise pause to read the article?

(2) Does the introduction begin to draw readers into the emotional complexity of a binary view of sex or gender?

(3) Identify the thesis, which should appear at the end of the introduction and should alert readers to the main point(s) the writer will make about the impact of a binary view of sex or gender. Based on this thesis, what material would you expect the writer to cover in the rest of the paper?

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