As a girl, your entire childhood your parents have been encouraging you to play with dolls or make friends with the other girls in the neighborhood. You would rather follow your brother around the neighborhood riding bikes or climbing trees. This could describe any little girl with tomboy tendencies right? What if, in addition to this, you have never felt attached to your on body? You just don’t feel connected to what you see in the mirror everyday. Its sounds like a pretty confusing life to lead; a life that has you continuously questioning yourself. These were the feelings that many people born intersex have experienced.

The adherence to a view of the world that only allows for male and female excludes many people. Those individuals who were born intersex are included in this group that falls outside the gender binary. The rigidity of this gender binary in our society has resulted in intersex babies receiving treatment at birth that negatively affects their health, sexual response, and self-identity throughout their lives.

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