Nerd. Freak. Punk. Loser. Idiot. Drop-out. Druggie. Bitch. Rich. Poor. Tool. Slut. Loner. Jock. Prep. Band Geek. Goth. Goodie-two-shoes. White. Black. Yellow. Red. Brown. Buddhist. Muslim. Christian. Jew. Liberal. Conservative. I label myself as a white, Christian, liberal, realistic, band geek and a woman. Where do you fit in? What labels do you place on yourself? What labels do others place on you? Do you change yourself to fit the labels or do you change the labels to fit yourself? What would happen if there were no labels that fit you, would you make up a new one? What if you weren’t allowed to make up a new one? People who do not fit in the gender binary experience the effects of having no label every day. There is no word in our language, with negative or positive connotations, to describe anyone who isn’t or does not want to be a man or a woman. In the English language you have to pick one or the other. Many people choose not to choose, but that often results in discrimination, confusion, and the gift of a new label, “freak”. We have decided to follow the binary so strictly that we won’t allow for a new word to be made up to fit those individuals. Instead, those individuals are forced to change themselves to fit the binary. Our language needs the word, “intergender” to describe those who do not identify as man or woman.

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