Rough Intro

For most of the six-billion people who occupy this planet few things in our ever evolving lives are completely static, completely unchanging and rigid. Yet for the few items that never do seem to change for us, so accustomed have we become to living with certain certainties that hardly do we give these things any second thoughts. Gender is one such thing. Though throughout our lifetimes the world around us, that which is immediate and that which is distant, ebbs like the tides, ever-changing, we know so well that some things – such as our bodies – will always remain familiar. We may move between jobs, between cities or nations, even friends come and go but we do not fear ever awaking to find ourselves in a new body, with a new sex, with a new feeling of gender. This though is only true for most of us.

The unmentioned, often unseen or forgotten, are perceived as alien; strangers in a strange world we feel incapable of relating to. The intersex, the transsexual, drag queens and drag kings, even cross dressers deconstruct that which we feel can never be torn down: our sexual identities. It is through these individuals though that we may find that which we felt so sure of before, our bodies, may in fact be no more immaluable than our hair styles. For it is from these people and out of their stories that we should recognize the often unseen truth behind sex and gender: that both are neither static but are rather dynamic identities that are not only capable of change but capable of remodeling over-and-over throughout the full spans of one’s life.

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