heading level 2

You and your neighbor have grown up with each other since you both were very young and have always been good friends. Secretly having a crush on each other since grade school, your neighbor tells you how much they have liked you since they were very young, and you reply with the same response. After some time, the news about you two dating gets to both your parents and friends and everyone seems happy and content, until it gets to the point of you guys having sex. You notice something is different, yet don't quite know how to question it. Noticing your confusion, your neighbor explains that he was born with parts of both female and male genitals. He is intersexed.
Society making portraying that there are only two known sexes, male or female, is clearly not the case. How would your opinions about your neighbor change after finding such a thing out? Would your sexual identity be challenged for liking a person born with both genetalia? Would you feel confused or bothered? Would you stop having feelings for him? Being intersexed is not a disability, and should not be put down by society as something disgusting or 'abnormal'.
Most intersexed individuals born have their sex 'fixed' at the time of their birth. Having their identity chosen for them by family and doctors seems inhumane and unjust. Individuals who are born intersexed should have the right to determine their lifestyle and chose their sexual identity once they are old enough to think for themselves. There are many consequences that have occurred due to parents or doctors making this decision for them. One story I am going to discuss is My Life as an Intersexual by Max Beck.

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