Transsexuals emotionally and psychologically believe that they really belong to the opposite sex. These people have a lot of troubles when venturing out into the real world to live their every day lives.


Have you ever looked at something and questioned was? Just standing their staring and wondering. Now just imagine that what you are staring at is a person and not an object. Now put yourself in this persons shoes. How would you feel if people stared at you all the time? Standing their wondering what you are, a man or a woman. Do you think you would be able to handle it every moment of everyday? To make things even more complicated put your own children into the equations how do you think they would handle the staring?

To some people in this world the situation of constant questioning from other people is not that far-fetched. Transsexuals and Transvestites have to deal with it every day. Whether it is a male to female or a female to male it happens to all of them. They constantly deal with people staring and questioning their sexuality, sometimes this even happens when their children are around.

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