Lizzy stood still as she starred at her naked reflection in the mirror. The five year old turned to her mother and asked why she did not have a penis like her brother, John. Her mother said that only boys have penises, and she was a little girl. Lizzy blurted out, “I am not a girl!” Her mother sighed, and continued to dress Lizzy in her pink skirt, and Little Mermaid t-shirt. Lizzy did not feel like a girl, and did not understand why she was dressed differently and had different sex organs than her brother. While Lizzy knew she was not a boy, she did not feel like a little girl, and this tormented her small soul. Lizzy felt like she was something in between, but what was she then? A girl-boy? While this is a hypothetical situation, there are millions of individuals who have experienced feelings like Lizzy, unable to identify “what” and “who” they are. Individuals who fall outside of the gender binary are confined to two descriptors; male or female. This language barrier makes it extremely difficult for (transgender’s*) to understand their identity.

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