This web site was built as a place for students in Amy Goodloe's Spring 2010 WRTG 3020 classes at CU Boulder to publish their persuasive essays. I've since created a network of web sites for that purpose off of my domain name: gendersex.net. Please visit that site to learn more about the Rhetoric of Gender and Sexuality, which is my WRTG 3020 topic.


Intersex and the Sex Binary

Challenge of the Sex Binary

Intersexed Consequences

Intersex Infant Surgery

Intersex: Not to be Seen as a Problem

Intersexuality vs. The Gender Binary

Intersexuality and the Belief of Two Sexes

Landing Outside of the Sex Binary

"Fixing" an Intersex Person: Looking at Problems and Alternatives

Not the Size of the Boat but the Motion of the Ocean

Gender Identity and the Binary

Consequences of the Sex Binary

The Difference of Sex and Gender

Gender: As Simple As We Think?

Gender Identities: Who Are We?

Struggles with Self-Identification

Gender Binary Impacts Those Who Don't Fit the Mold

Transsexuality and the Sex/Gender Binary Problem

Living and Loving Without Labels

Punishing Ambiguous Gender

Male or Female?

Dynamics of Sex and Gender

The Gender Binary: Problematic?

Ignoring What Doesn't Exist

Outliers and the Consequences of the Gender Binary

Challenging the Binary

Changing Labels for People not People for Labels

The Male/Female Dichotomy Dissected

Emotion and Equality and the Gender Binary

Stuck in the Middle

Define the Gender Binary

Who Are You?

Social Isolation

Gender Scrutiny

Transiting Sexuality

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